Fine della Città Post Moderna

Mimsis Edizioni
Book cover design

Cover design for the book Fine della Città Post Moderna (The End of the Postmodern City) by Daniele Vazquez Pizzi. A sociological study about the changing nature of cities in 21st century Italy, the book explores the impact of new technology on post-war, car-dependant urban sprawl.

The author leaves open the question as to whether society is heading towards a brighter or more dystopian future. This is reflected in the ambiguous and surrealist subject matter of the cover: is it the city dweller who is alienated by the decaying urban landscape, or are we witnessing someone from the future - liberated by technology - gazing triumphantly over the vanquished relics of the automobile era.

Responsible for creative concept, art direction, photography, and digital post-production.

Special thanks to @oliverastrologo